TWJKD Instructors

Official List

The people listed are those who are part of the core TWJKD family and have been under close tutelage of Ted Wong up until his passing. These individuals have experience and understand the foundation and evolution of TWJKD as it has evolved over the past 30 years. It is not to say that other students and instructors under Ted are not qualified to teach. Rather, this list acknowledges members that have the latest teachings from Ted himself and can knowledgably share the most recent development of TWJKD with those who wish to pursue similar understanding.

– The Wong Family

Albert Grajales Puerto Rico Email
Bill Mattucci Vero Beach, Florida Email
Brad Gaffney San Rafael, California Email
Bryan Yaconelli Los Angeles, California Email
George Shido Los Angeles, California Email
Greg Smith Bardman, Ohio Email
Joaquin Marcelo Madrid, Spain Email
John MacClean Camarillo, California Email
Lewis Luk Hong Kong Email
Mike Gittlson Colorado Email
Mike Rivas Los Angeles, California Email
Mike Rutter St. Cloud, Minnesota Email
Norman Seto New Jersey Email
Patrick Chan Montreal, Quebec, Canada Email
Ricky Fong Hong Kong Email
Robert Kerbo Glenpool, Oklahoma Email
Salem Hiasat Los Angeles, California Email
Tim & Ian O’leary Mississippi Email
Tommy Gong San Luis Obispo, California Email
Victor Colon Hollywood, Florida Email
Yutaka Matsuka Japan Email

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