About Bruce Lee

Sijo Bruce Lee was a family man, actor, philosopher, intellect and freethinker. He was a genius in his own right who did not limit his quest for knowledge by region, or ethnic origin.  Bruce Lee was well ahead of his time in numerous fields such as nutrition, physical training, the many aspects of cinematography, human behavior, and of course, martial arts.  He had hypnotizing social skill.  His vast experience in the martial arts focused his foresight, allowing him to transcend the very traditions that caged free expression.

Bruce Lee stood firm in his convictions, even when the martial world looked at him with smirked faces.  But his words, though offensive to some, did not stand alone.  His actions, his martial ability were undeniable for the world to see and marvel.  At the early age of 32, Bruce Lee had done more than any man enjoying his golden elder years could ever wish.  We must remember that all that he achieved was done during difficult times filled with prejudice and preconceptions.

Bruce Lee was a great human being, a visionary who broke the molds of blind following that lead to blind ignorance. In my opinion, he was and continues to be the greatest marital artist, as well as the most influential martial artist known to man.

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